1. Bang!

From the recording The Monster EP

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Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Uni V. Sol


It ain't no joke outside, brothers losing lives
If it ain't the swine, it's dudes on the other side
Going to war, trying to get them stripes
Waste of talent, now he's facing life
I haven't went to see him, on the inside
Felt like, all he got is time
Some say that's a sorry excuse
But I'm trying to survive, so what am I supposed to do
Brothers love to throw his name out, in the convo
Never ran with him, them suckas they soft taco
Talk about how they used to do, but they not so tough
When the fam of the kid, that got bodied roll up
Hold up a sec, why you talking on what you don't know
A lot of real niggas locked up so,
We stuck with bitches, fuck boys and assholes
And you know how that go

No need to talk it out
Go ahead and walk it out
Shit the same from the North, East, West and South
You know exactly what this shit is about
We hit them with the, with the, with the
With the Bang

Shit like the wild west, shoot'em up bang bang
You shining too much, tuck in your chain man
Mugs ain't playing, know what I'm saying damn
When you looking like food, all you hear is bang bang
Knew a kid looking for heaven named Paradise
Always wore red, fucked with that Betty White
The girl had him golden, 16 holding stacks
Old heads hating, like what you gonna do with that
Smart brother, straight out the movie Fresh
Threw the charm on, no matter who he with
The goons lurk in the shadows, waiting for him to slip
But little man got the biggest heart on campus
School of Hard Knocks, where brothers get stabbed or shot
You hear that bang bang, another body get dropped
Another casket dip, more burial plots
If you lucky, you'll get a mural on the block