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If ‘music be the food of love’ as Shakespeare so readily dictated during his day, then Uni V Sol is simply the most musical of chefs. - Publicist, Melanie J. Cornish

"A fresh, hard-hitting, head nodding's refreshing to hear different styles of Hip Hop". - Mastering EngineerHerb "Pump" Powers, Jr.


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In hip hop and electronic dance music, an MC, otherwise known as a rapper, is a music artist and/or performer who usually creates and performs vocals for his/her own original material. - ref.


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About Uni V Sol

If ‘music be the food of love’ as Shakespeare so readily dictated during his day, then Uni V Sol is simply the most musical of chefs. His appreciation and somewhat effortless contribution to music has been adequately molded and shaped from an early age. Recognizing that hard work is the basis of success, this multi-faceted entertainer has continuously strived to resonate with the majority of music connoisseurs.

Born Larry Jermaine Liriano in Alabama, like many other military children, Uni V Sol moved around extensively during his early years, taking in what various states and other countries had on offer. While locations changed and schools and friends were forever substituted, the one thing that forever remained a constant in his life was music. His biological father was record producer, Kenny Beck so music was quite literally part and parcel of his genetic make-up.

Absorbing a vast array of sounds including Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, Electro and Soul it would be Hip-Hop that appealed to Uni V Sol the most. His debut single, “Nourishment,” which was self published and financed was to become the first of many projects which saw the now New Jersey adoptee working in studios to absorb as much as he could of the music industry. While the artistry side of the coin was more of a pull, Uni recognized that to be successful it was about a lot more than just making music.

Setting up his own publishing company was a step in the right direction. Through Savior Sun Publishing, he went on to release his only vinyl single, “Love or Lust” which secured radio play in various markets around the US. But the bulk of his releases came when in 2004 he teamed up with his brother to form Radio Wreck. Universol: The Street LP and Concrete Music saw accolade after accolade come his way.

The burgeoning lyricist won the notorious iStandard/Faces in the Crowd showcase in NYC, he was nominated for various Underground Music Awards as well as a Justo Mixtape Award and he was riding high on the college radio charts. These acknowledgments solidified for Uni V Sol that the journey he was on was most definitely the right one.

What followed was an abundance of successful projects and alliances with Uni opening for a long list of Hip-Hop notables such as De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan and Redman and Method Man. While mastering his performance techniques, an element he recognized as essential to build a strong fan base, his entrepreneurial skills were being nurtured in the Hub City Hip Hop project. This was a weekly open mic and networking event founded by Uni and his college roommate, Owen Velez that brought like-minded music industry professionals together.

2010 saw a shift in the progression of Uni V Sol; his music was reaching a much wider audience and a five-month stint on the college radio charts with his song “I Need You” kick started the impressive build up to where he is today. Another UMA nomination came his way for his Wonder Boy Digital project, a concoction of Stevie Wonder samples reconstructed to create original beats. This saw Uni V Sol team up with Ricardo ‘Rickochae’ Mendoza. Mendoza not only produced almost the entire project but subsequently went on to produce “Di Cok” one of two singles whose videos were prominently positioned on the Microsoft Windows Media Guide website a year later.

“Di Cok” along with the DJ Rashaun musically executed  “Can We Reminisce” were part of the 2011 release, I Am Universol which was mastered by Herb ‘Pump’ Powers Jnr, a reputable name within the House, Funk and Disco genres. With the video to “Can We Reminisce” picked up by MTV, this project secured extensive downloads and projected Uni V Sol that bit further again.

Finding himself center-stage opening for Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly during their 2011 and 2012 tours, Uni V Sol felt the pull of the studio once again and set to work on his next musical opus. Uni set to work on his EP The Wonderful World of Jermaine Liriano, a chapter that found him placating to the fairer sex. The eclectic fusion of sounds on this EP found him deviating from his more familiar role of rapper. Jermaine Liriano the singer stepped into the spotlight on this project, giving fans just that little bit more of himself.

Scoring an abundance of press from the likes of,,, and, this lyrical Casanova has been universally embraced and exposed to an even more extensive audience. “Seeing how this project has been received obviously inspires you to keep pushing and this is exactly what I am going to do” Uni V Sol candidly confirms.

With a slew of releases lined up 2014 looks to be as equally productive for Uni V Sol. “The key to staying relevant is to be consistent,” he shares. “I know what I need to do and there is no holding me back as with each click, view, play my material gets the passion intensifies.” Driven by an obvious flame within this distinguished entertainer will be standing in the spotlight until the band ceases to play.



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